Mic Mod Service Policies

Before shipping your microphone to us for modification, please contact us to verify that what you want done is possible.

Mic Mod Process

  1. You ship your mic to us with instructions for what you want done to it. See "Mic Shipping" below.
  2. We inspect and test the mic. See "Intake Testing" below.
  3. We install the requested capsule, circuit, grille, etc.
  4. We "burn in" the mic for at least 24 hrs.
  5. We thoroughly test the mic to ensure that it is operating as expected.
  6. We invoice for the requested services. (Exception: C1/C3 mods are prepaid.)
  7. You pay the invoice.
  8. We ship the mic back to you.

Intake Testing

Microphones sent in for full capsule plus circuit replacement are exempt from our intake testing policy. All other mics sent for upgrades will be tested upon receipt.

If the mic is broken, intermittent, or noisy, we would not upgrade the capsule, because a new capsule will not fix a circuit problem. Similarly, microphones that are sent in for a circuit upgrade will be tested to ensure that the existing capsule is in good condition.

The reason for this initial test is that we don't want to spend your money on new parts if there is a risk that the mic will remain broken or suffer from sonic anomalies (noise, distortion, EMI/RFI, etc).

Microphones submitted for these partial upgrades but found to fail the intake test will be assessed a diagnostic fee (see below) so that we can cover our shop costs.

Mic Shipping

Microphones are fragile. Carriers are not gentle with packages. This is a bad combination.

The best way to ship a microphone is to roll the mic in six to 10 feet of 5/16-inch bubble wrap. Put that football-sized bundle into a box measuring approximately 12x8x6 inches. Seal it well. Ship it to the address on our Contact page.

Important: use tracking and insurance. If the carrier damages or loses your mic, you will appreciate being able to file a claim for full replacement value.

As of December 2020, we recommend avoiding the USPS for microphone shipping; we have seen numerous delays of 2-4 weeks in the processing of both First Class and Priority Mail shipments. We hope the USPS is able to clear its holiday backlog in January, 2021.

Custom Mod Fees

Modification fees are quoted by email. Let us know what mic you have, and what you want done to it.

The diagnostic assessment fee for a mic that fails our intake test is $50.

We charge return shipping fees at our actual cost, including insurance and signature requirement. Customers can elect to waive the signature requirement to save costs.

Studio Projects C1/C3 Mod Fees

This service is prepaid, and includes return shipping in the 50 US States.