3-Piece Drum Mic DIY Bundle

$ 1,138.00 $ 1,218.00

This 3-piece bundle includes:

  • Matched pair SDC microphone kits for overhead miking (choose which model you prefer using the menu above)
  • 1 Roswell Mini K47 KD mic (not a kit) for kick drum
  • Shockmounts for each mic
  • Single flight case to store all 3 microphones (with mounts)


Overhead Microphones (Kits)

Choose our transformerless (Schoeps CMC5 style) or transformer-coupled (Neumann KM84 style) designs. Both offer a very smooth response and a natural, not hyped, top end.

The transformerless model has "fast," accurate transient response. Read more about this microphone here.

The transformer-coupled model does some transient compression, and creates some harmonic saturation. Read more about this microphone, and hear an audio demo, here.

The SDC mic pair is sold as a DIY kit. If you prefer to purchase finished microphones instead, we offer that option separately: see the 3-piece drum mic set. (If you have never built one of our microphone kits before, or if you have a session deadline for which this mic set would be used, please purchase finished microphones. The SDC kits are not recommended for first-time mic builders. See FAQ #4.)


Kick Drum Mic

We have bundled the overhead SDC pair with a Roswell Mini K47 KD, a large-diaphragm condenser purpose-built for kick drum. It works well on inside and outside placements. It gives a huge bottom end with a natural sound, not a clicky or artificial sound.

Read more about the Roswell Mini K47 KD.


Bundle Pricing

The 3-mic set is priced $50 below the cost of the overhead mic pair and KD mic when purchased separately.