MP-V57 PCB Kit

$ 149.00

Style: Transformerless
Distortion: Low
Noise: Low
Character: Neutral
Sensitivity: High
Circuit Frequency Response: Flat, with optional high-frequency corrective EQ

The MP-V57 microphone circuit implements an upgraded and customized version of the Schoeps CMC5 design, adapted for large-diaphragm capsules. This circuit lets you build a remarkably high-fidelity, multi-pattern microphone into any of dozens of inexpensive condenser mics. You supply the "donor" microphone body, and choose one of our large-diaphragm capsule designs. The results are shockingly good.

If you are looking for a complete microphone kit that includes this circuit, see the S Series kits. If you need a multipattern mic with a similar circuit, see the S3 Series kits.

Features & Benefits

  • Replacement PCB set fits many inexpensive condensers
  • Builds a super-high-fidelity mic, with high sensitivity and low noise
  • Included switch can be built either as Cardioid/Omni pattern control, or as a -10dB pad
  • Includes pre-biased NOS JFET for maximum headroom
  • Includes matched and handpicked parts

The MP-V57 is a circuit board kit that will fit most of the 170–190mm condenser microphones made in China, including the MCA SP1, MXL 2006, MXL V63M, MXL 910, MXL V57, MXL V250, and more; see list below.

The PCBs themselves are high quality, two-layer boards with through-hole plating and ENIG (immersion gold), RoHS-compliant finish.

The circuit is an optimized version of the Schoeps transformerless design. We've incorporated numerous upgrades to the audio circuit as well as the oscillator circuit. We've added a switch that can be configured either as a C/O pattern switch, or a -10dB pad.

The result is a remarkably high-fidelity microphone, with excellent specifications for sensitivity, self noise, and frequency response. You can mate it to any of our large-diaphragm capsules to produce a microphone that will rival anything else in your locker.

Capsule Compatibility

The V57 circuit is compatible with all externally polarized, aka "true condenser" capsule types. We recommend our own RK series capsules, which offer proven performance, accessories designed to ease installation, and fast email tech support.

We cannot recommend any of the cheap "crapsules" sold on Ebay/Reverb or 3rd party websites -- especially those fraudulently claiming to be MicParts RK-series capsules. We have tested many of those capsules and found significant problems with sensitivity, noise, and especially frequency response, such as thin bass and inexplicable midrange peaks.

A condenser mic's capsule is responsible for the sound of the mic. If the capsule sounds bad, a great circuit can't fix it. This MP-V57 circuit can create high-frequency rolloff to correct K67 capsule types, but cannot supply missing bass information or provide notch filters to correct weird upper-midrange peaks such as we've seen in many cheap K67 and CK12 style capsules.

Buying cheap capsules is the worst way to conserve budget, because those capsules will cripple your DIY microphone.


Bundle Discount Option

For a limited time, get a $50 discount on the LDC capsule of your choice via our LDC Bundle Discount plan.

Mod Kit vs Microphone Kit

If you have an old "donor" microphone that you are eager to upgrade and repurpose, you're in the right place. If you don't have any dusty old abandoned microphones that are ripe for upgrading, you might prefer to see our all-inclusive DIY microphone kits.

Included with this PCB kit

  • Two-piece MP-V57 PCB set, now in its 4th revision
  • 100% of components needed to complete the circuit, including matched signal capacitors, pre-biased JFET, and additional parts to tune the high-frequency response of the circuit
  • Full-color, step-by-step installation guide

The MP-V57 PCBs fit a large number of "donor" microphones from Apex, CAD, Nady, MXL, and t.bone; see compatible models below. You will need to supply your own capsule, or order one of our large-diaphragm capsule designs.

(If your donor mic has a large-diaphragm capsule already -- this is true of the MXL 2006, MXL V63M, CAD GXL2200 -- then you have the option of retaining it for use with the new circuit. However, Omni mode will only work if you replace the stock capsule with one of our dual-diaphragm models.)

The Sound On Sound Review

Sound On Sound magazine reviewed our S-12 DIY microphone kit, which is based on the MP-V57 transformerless circuit platform. The review author, Paul White, concluded that the finished mic "could certainly give some of the boutique mics out there a run for their money."

Read the full review here.

Note: you'll get all the benefits listed in the SOS review, whether you build the MP-V57 into one of our all-inclusive kits or into one of the branded "donor" microphones listed below.

Chassis / Donor Mic Compatibility

V57 PCB dimensions

The only requirement is that the new PCBs physically fit the donor mic's chassis. These boards were designed to easily fit most 170mm–190mm MXL microphones, but will also fit other makes and models.

Customers should verify fit with your donor microphone prior to purchase. Although we have designed these boards to fit a wide variety of 3rd-party donor mic bodies, we cannot guarantee compatibility with any of them. If you'd like a guaranteed fit, please see the S-series microphone kits, which include this circuit.

To verify compatibility with your microphone, click the drawing above to download the PCB dimensions (as a PDF). Print the document, check that the printed dimensions match your hardcopy, then cut out the paper PCB and hold it against your chassis.

The MP-V57 is a 2-board set; your chassis will need to accommodate boards on both sides of the chassis.

The tallest component on the board, once built, stands 13mm high. We've clustered the tall parts near the centerline of the board. The finished boards fit easily (with lots of clearance) inside the 45mm (inside diameter) MXL 910 body sleeve.

Suitable Donor Mics

We have personally verified that these boards fit the following microphone chassis without modification to the PCBs or mic chassis. However, it is possible that these manufacturers have since changed their chassis dimensions in a way that makes our PCBs difficult to mount. Please refer to the section above for verifying compatibility.

CAD Audio GXL2200 CAD GXL2200
MXL 2001 MXL 2001
MXL 2006 MXL 2006
MXL 550 MXL 550
MXL 910 MXL 910
MXL V250 MXL V250
MXL V67G MXL V67 / V67G




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