Studio Projects LSD Mods

Studio Projects LSD2

We have no mods or upgrade kits for the LSD2. We put up this page just to save you the effort of emailing to ask.

The LSD2 suffers from a mismatch of capsule to circuit. The capsule is a K67 type -- a fairly nice one, in fact -- and the circuit is a version of the Schoeps transformerless design. The combination yields a bright and somewhat hyped sonic profile that can, in some cases, help a lead instrument or vocal cut through a mix... but too often, according to our customers, just sounds fatiguing and sharp.

Normally we would recommend a capsule swap, but in the case of the LSD2 the physical construction of the rotating grille is very difficult to disassemble. We have not tried this ourselves, but we're told by people who have that it is a bad idea.

Alternatively, we'd suggest modifying the circuit to implement corrective high-frequency EQ, such as the kit we offer for the C1 and C3. But these kits won't fit the LSD2 body, which is already full with two separate microphone circuits. There's no room to build in-circuit EQ.

Therefore: if you own and LSD2 and find it to be too peaky or bright, our best recommendation is to sell it and buy something else that is better suited to your needs.