Studio Projects C3 Mods

Studio Projects C3 microphones

We have two mod options for the Studio Projects C3, both the first generation "797 Audio" version and the newer "Red Badge" version.

If DIY audio mods are not for you, we can modify your C3 for you; check out our Studio Projects C1/C3 Mod Service.

#1: "U87 EQ" Circuit Mod

Our favorite mod for the C3 is to install our add-on EQ circuit board, which recreates the high-frequency rolloff from the Neumann U87. If you find your C3 to be too bright or too sibilant on some sources, you'll love this mod, as it provides an adjustable "treble control" inside the mic. Just dial in the amount of high-frequency attenuation that best suits your needs.

Click for more information on the "U87 EQ" circuit mod for Studio Projects C3.

#2: Capsule Replacement

RK-12 capsule

If you lack the experience or confidence to modify the C3's circuit, you could alternatively re-voice the mic by installing one of our large-diaphragm capsules. The RK-12 has a smoother, lower-amplitude high-frequency boost than the original C3 capsule, and has a warmer low frequency response. We've heard great acoustic guitar tracks from C1 and C3 microphones equipped with our RK-12 capsule.

Alternatively, the RK-47 is a great match for the stock C3 circuit; it gives a classic K47-style rich midrange, great for vocals, strings, and small percussion.

The RK-87 capsule is the best direct replacement for the original C3 capsule, if your capsule is broken and you wish to restore the mic to near-factory performance. (The RK-87 is actually a bit less hyped sounding than the stock capsule, and as such constitutes a mild upgrade on its own.) Click for more info on any of our large-diaphragm microphone capsules.