Rode NT2 Mods

Rode NT2

The original Rode NT2 uses a transformerless circuit based on the Schoeps design. It was the multipattern version of the NT1; both circuits were implemented by Jim Williams of Audio Upgrades, who specified fantastic, high-quality parts throughout.

Although it is the nature of the DIY community to want to "mod" every aspect of a microphone, we see no value in swapping circuit components on the NT2 (or NT1). There are no glaring shortcomings in this mic, such as are commonly seen in some other brands.

Circuit aside, there is one component in this microphone that we would change in a heartbeat: the capsule. The NT2 used a K67 derivative, which in our opinion is the wrong capsule for this circuit. The NT2's capsule expects high-frequency attenuation or deemphasis in the circuit. This is why the NT2 sounds peaky, bright, sibilant, and "hyped" on some sources -- it has a large high-frequency peak in its frequency response, due to the capsule.

RK-47 Capsule

If your NT2 sits in a drawer, unused, because it is too bright or peaky for your tastes, we recommend changing the capsule to an RK-47. This will give the microphone a neutral top end with a broad, very musically useful lift in the upper mids. We find the modded mic to be great for strings, percussion, and voices.

Click for more information about the RK-47 capsule.

Installing the RK-47 into the NT2 is slightly more involved than is true when installing this capsule into 90% of inexpensive condensers. Here is a brief overview of the steps required:

  1. Remove Rode capsule and saddle
  2. Sand the alignment tabs off the bottom of the "supersaddle" (enclosed with the RK-47).
  3. Disassemble the short mounting post included with the RK-47; we need the screw that holds it together.
  4. Use that screw to attach the modified supersaddle to the Rode mounting post.
  5. Mount the RK-47 to the supersaddle, using the enclosed M1.6 machine screws.

Treat the above steps as an addendum to the RK-47 installation guide.

Note - if you are not comfortable doing this work yourself, we can install the RK-47 into your NT2. Contact us for details.