Rode NT1000 Mods

Rode NT1000

The Rode NT1000 is a transformerless microphone with a peculiar single-sided large-diaphragm capsule. If your capsule is damaged, or you seek an alternative sound from the microphone, we offer several options.

RK-47The RK-47 will dramatically re-voice the NT1000, replacing its somewhat thin and bright sound with a fuller, mid-forward tone. If you found the NT1000 to be too hyped in the top octave, the RK-47 will sound more natural and musical. This capsule works well on male voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar cab, basses, piano, and strings.

While supplies last, the RK-47C is a lower-cost variation of the RK-47. It provides a darker, more colored, more vintage sound than the RK-47.

The RK-12 is an edge-terminated design, similar to the original Rode capsule. Most customers find it to have a milder presence boost in the top octaves, and fuller/warmer lows than the Rode capsule. It is the most "all-purpose" capsule of the options listed on this page, in that it is less colored than the K47 options. This capsule is best for female vocals and large-body acoustic guitars. It works well on a wide variety of sources.

NT1000 CapsuleAll of the capsules listed above have a 34mm outside diameter, and should fit into the rubber/plastic harness used in the NT1000. You would not need to use any of the mounting hardware included with the new capsule.

We do not have capsule installation instructions specific to the NT1000. In general, you would first document carefully where the original capsule's wires are connected to the PCB. Then remove the original capsule and its two wires. Install the new capsule, taking care not to touch the diaphragm(s). Then solder the new capsule's wires to the same pads where the original capsule's wires were soldered.

For more help with installation, see this page.