RK-47C Microphone Capsule

$ 99.00

The RK-47C is a true 34mm, single-backplate large-diaphragm condenser capsule. It is based on Neumann's K47.

The backplate is solid brass, machined to high precision tolerances. The diaphragms are ultra-thin, 3-micron Mylar. The front diaphragm is metallized with gold.

The "C" suffix in the product name indicates that this is a Cardioid-only capsule.  Therefore this capsule should not be used in a multipattern microphone.

The RK-47C includes our "supersaddle," two M1.6 metric machine screws to attach the capsule to the saddle, a backplate termination wire, and the short screw needed to connect the wire. The front diaphragm wire is already installed on the capsule. No mounting post is included with this capsule.

The installation procedure for the RK-47C is the essentially same as for the RK-47; see those here.

The RK-47C is not compatible with the Rode NT1/NT1A/NT2/NT2A, due to the extremely high polarization voltage employed by some of the NT family of mics (presumably done in an effort to game the signal-to-noise ratio); the RK-47 is compatible the NT1, as it can tolerate higher polarization voltage.

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