MXL V69 Mods


We get asked about the V69 ME frequently. Our usual answer is, "this mic is too broken to fix."

If you find your V69ME to be too bright and peaky, you could certainly exchange the stock capsule (MXL's usual 32mm K67 type) for our RK-47. We have had customers do that, with good results.

If you hoped to improve the mic's circuit, though, we strongly recommend you sell the mic instead, and purchase something that is easier to modify, like the Apex 460 / BadAad T11-a / Carvin CTM100. We have a fairly amazing circuit replacement kit for that platform; it will deliver significantly better performance than the V69ME ever will, with significantly less work.

Here are a few of the things we don't like about the V69ME:

  • It has a noisy 2-stage circuit: a tube stage followed by solid-state amplification. Analyses we've seen reveal problems in both stages: noise, distortion, clutter.
  • The mic's internal layout doesn't easily accommodate improvements. For example, the tube socket and PCBs are near the bottom of the mic, requiring that the high-impedance wires from the capsule travel a long distance, incurring signal loss. The high-impedance circuit should be located near the capsule, not at the far end of the microphone.
  • There's no room for a transformer!

We looked into adapting our Fox 460 mod kit for this mic. We can make the circuit boards and tube fit. But we can't fit the transformer, and we can't fix the long capsule wire routing without designing a new tube socket and mount. That's way more work than it is to sell this mic and buy an Apex 460 instead.