MXL V63M Mods

MXL V63M microphone

The MXL V63M is essentially an upgraded version of the company's bargain champion, the MCA SP-1. While the SP-1 uses a very thin, lightweight body sleeve, the V63M is enclosed in a heavy brass cylinder. And while the SP-1 uses a 17mm small-diaphragm capsule, the V63M uses MXL's 32mm large-diaphragm K67 capsule.

But the mic is pretty severely compromised, so we've come up with many modification options for it. The easiest and most effective mod is to change the capsule. If time, experience, and budget allow, we recommend replacing the circuit, which allows for a wider variety of capsules to be used. See our options below.

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-47 capsule

The MXL V63M capsule is a 32mm K67 type; while not necessarily terrible, it tends to have a peaky response that is a poor match for the mic's linear circuit. Replacing this capsule with our RK-47 will give your mic a much more full, warm, and balanced sound.

If you choose to install our MP-V57 circuit replacement kit (see below), too, you could choose a more brightly voiced capsule like our RK-12 or RK-87, to achieve alternative sonic colors.

#2: MP-V57 Circuit Replacement Kit

Our premium transformerless circuit, called the "MP-V57 PCB kit," was designed to fit the MXL V63M and 2006. The circuit kit replaces 100% of the audio circuit in the microphone, using uncompromising audiophile parts. It provides an internal switch that can be configured at build time as either a Cardioid/Omni pattern switch (assuming you've replaced the stock capsule with one of our dual-diaphragm models), or as a -10dB pad.

The circuit also provides the option of building corrective high-frequency EQ into the circuit, to make even the stock capsule sound more balanced and less sibilant. That said, we find our replacement capsules to offer superior sensitivity and self-noise performance, and smoother response overall.

Click for more info on the MP-V57 PCB kit.

T-84 Microphone circuit kit

#3: Transformer Circuit Replacement

To take your V63M in a vintage direction, consider our new "T-84" circuit replacement kit. It is a design borrowed from Neumann's KM84. It will give your mic the tone of a vintage condenser, thanks to the ultra-simple signal path, carefully selected NOS JFET, and custom-wound output transformer.

Internal switches give your mic a second polar pattern (Omni) as well as a 10dB pad.

We recommend installing the RK-47 or RK-12 capsule with this circuit.

The photo at right shows the new circuit, which uses two high-quality two-layer PCBs manufactured in the US. This kit fits the MXL V63M, 440, V67G, and 2001, as well as the Apex 420 and 430.

Click for more info on the T-84 circuit kit.