MXL 920 Mods

MXL 920 Microphone

We have multiple upgrade options for the MXL 920.

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-47 capsule

If you've never upgraded a mic before, you might wish to start with something very simple. The mic's capsule gives you 90% of the sound of the microphone. In the case of most inexpensive condensers, the capsule is a $5-$10 part that, frankly, does not sound very good. Our line of premium replacement capsules will re-voice your mic, giving you a much smoother and more musically useful sound.

In the case of the 920, a new large-diaphragm capsule can be installed by soldering just two wires. We recommend the RK-47. This capsule makes a wonderful all-purpose microphones, with great detail in the mids, and a neutral to dark top end -- a welcome contrast to most over-bright condensers.

#2: Multitrack Microphone Circuit Kit

Multitrack Mic Circuit kit

We have developed a unique DIY circuit upgrade kit for the 920. It replaces the stock circuit with TWO ultra-pristine tranformerless circuits. This upgrade requires our RK-87 capsule.

The result of these changes is that the mic has two separate audio outputs: for the front and rear halves of the capsule, independently. This means you can set the mic's polar pattern at mix time, long after tracking is complete.

Read more about the Multitrack Mic Circuit Kit.

#3: New Shockmount

Rycote USM-VB

For the best isolation, use the Rycote USM-VB.

#4: Custom Storage Case

SKB 1209-4 iSeries Case

We have a limited supply of SKB iSeries 1209-4 cases with custom die-cut foam made to fit the MXL 920 and Rycote USM-VB. Check availability here.