MXL 910 Mods

MXL 910We offer two modification/upgrade options for the MXL 910: replace the capsule with one of our premium large-diaphragm models, and/or upgrade the audio circuit with the amazing MP-V57 circuit.

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-47 capsule

The small-diaphragm MXL 910 capsule tends to have an uneven, peaky response. The mic sounds much more full, warm, and balanced after a true large-diaphragm capsule is installed.

If you choose to leave the circuit as is, install an RK-47 capsule. It will give your mic a neutral top end, great midrange detail, and a much more balanced sound.

If you choose to install our circuit replacement kit, too, you could opt for a more brightly voiced capsule like our RK-12 or RK-87, to achieve alternative sonic colors.

#2: MP-V57 Circuit Replacement Kit

The MXL 910 is a wonderful container for our top-of-the-line transformerless PCB kit, the MP-V57. This is a full circuit replacement, using uncompromising audiophile parts.

Click for more info on the MP-V57 PCB kit.