Make Your Microphone

Recent Customer Comments

"OMG these are fantastic."
- Jules Ryckebusch

"I can easily say this is one of the best FET mics I've heard to date."
- Chris Leonard

"On playback of the first takes, I was stopped in my tracks, staring at the speakers..."
- J Lemmer, Tape Op #100

"The V57 is one sweet sounding circuit, up there with the best!"
- David Beneke

"MXL 910 with RK-7 [and MP-V57 kit] assembled and tested. Sounds great!! Thick and warm, all sibilances gone. Very excited! Thanks for great product!"
- T. Congi

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All of MXL's transformerless microphones are wonderful candidates for an upgrade. We've developed a mod kit that turns these mics into high sensitivity, low noise, multipattern microphones. Just follow these two easy steps.


Step 1 is to replace the stock circuit with our "MP-V57" PCB kit. The kit includes a high-quality two-layer PCB (made in the USA), and handpicked audiophile-grade components. You just need to solder it all together.

RK-47 Capsule

Step 2 is to pick from any of our six large-diaphragm capsules. We have so many choices because they all sound different. This is the best way to build some sonic variety into your mic locker!