Gauge ECM87 Mods

Gauge ECM87

We offer three modification options for the Gauge ECM87:

  1. Capsule replacement
  2. Circuit upgrade
  3. Full PCB replacement

The ECM87 is a nicely made microphone, with better than typical materials and finishes. But it suffers from the same core sonic problem that many inexpensive microphones do: a mismatch between the capsule (a K67 type) and circuit (a flat-response design), resulting in a needlessly peaky response. We provide three ways to correct this disparity, and "revoice" the microphone -- while improving the mic's specifications for sensitivity, noise, and distortion.

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-47 capsule

The ECM87 circuit, despite the '87' moniker, is a derivative of the Schoeps CMC5 design, and is linear in its high-frequency response. Therefore a K47 capsule is a better match for this microphone -- or, you could modify the circuit using one of the options listed below.

The easy fix to swap the stock capsule for an RK-47, which would give the mic a neutral (rather than peaky) top end, wonderful detail in the mids -- fantastic for vocal applications -- and an overall more balanced, musical sound.

#2: "Pushbutton Filter" circuit upgrade kit for CAD GXL2400

Gauge ECM-87 circuit upgrade kit

Although the ECM-87 circuit contains some upgraded capacitors as compared to similar microphones, our circuit mod kit will deliver a significant upgrade to the mic's clarity, sensitivity, and noise performance. This is not simply a component swap, but a wholesale reconfiguration of the audio circuit, and an optimization of the DC circuit -- everything from the JFET to the output capacitors is upgraded and replaced.

Better still, this circuit kit allows for the creation of high-frequency corrective EQ, to take the hyped response out of the stock capsule, giving a much more balanced sound even if the capsule is not replaced.

Click for more information on our "Pushbutton Filter" Upgrade Kit for Gauge ECM-87.

#3: MP-V57 PCB Kit

Alternatively, the Gauge circuit could be replaced by our MP-V57, which is a no-compromises implementation of our best-selling transformerless circuit. The component quality is equivalent to what you'd find in a $1000 microphone.

The MP-V57 PCB kit has an internal switch that can be built either as a -10dB pad, or (assuming you install one of our large-diaphragm capsules) as a Cardioid/Omni pattern switch.

Click for more information on our MP-V57 PCB kit.