Carvin CTM100 Mods

Carvin CTM100 tube microphone

The Carvin CTM100 is a clone of the Apex 460; like the 460, it is a wonderful platform for DIY modification. We have several mod options for this mic -- enough to transform the mic into a virtual AKG C12 clone.

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-12 capsule

The stock capsule in the CTM100 is an undersized K67 type, just as is found in nearly every inexpensive large-diaphragm condenser. Quality varies from one to the next, but all of them sound peaky and bright. This capsule is the biggest problem with the CTM100 -- or, said another way, the best and most effective mod for this mic is to replace this capsule.

Our best-selling replacement capsule for LDC tube mic mods is the RK-12, which is our version of the capsule in the vintage AKG C12 and Telefunken ElaM 251. It will make your mic sound bigger and more present, and will present fewer sonic anomalies at mix time due to its smoother frequency response.

Another great choice is our RK-47, which gives the mic a U47-ish vibe.

Click to see all of our large-diaphragm microphone capsule choices.

#2: Grille / Headbasket Replacement

C12 Grille for Apex 460

Our C12-style grille for the CTM100 looks great and sounds great too; the 2-layer mesh is more acoustically transparent than the stock 3-layer tight-weave mesh.

Click for more info on our C12-style grille for the Carvin CTM-100.

#3: Fox 460 Circuit Mod Kit

Fox 460 Mod Kit

The Fox 460 circuit mod kit is a comprehensive upgrade for the CTM100 (and other clones of the Alctron T11-A). The kit contains a 3rd-generation and significantly updated circuit mod, which replaces both of the mic's PCBs and 100% of the mic's electronic components. The kit also replaces the tube, the output transformer, and modifies the power supply.

To be sure, this is no simple "capacitor swap" or "tube swap," but a comprehensive overhaul of the mic's audio circuit. The modded mic delivers much higher output, lower noise, and lower distortion than the stock mic, and performance equivalent to commercial microphones costing over $1000.