Tube Microphone Flight Case

$ 49.00 $ 69.00

This flight case fits the Apex 460, Carvin CTM-100, BadAax/Alctron T11-A, and the MicParts 12-251 and V-47 kits. The die-cut foam insert has pockets for the mic, power supply, cables, foam windscreen, and shockmount.

This case will also fit the Avantone CV-12 mic, power supply, shockmount, and cables, but not the CV-12's wooden mic box.

The cut-out for the shockmount in this case is larger than usual, because we designed it to accommodate the Rycote Invision USM, which is a far superior mount to the normal shockmount included with these tube microphones. The cut-out also accommodates most large spider-type shockmounts.

The case has two locking latches. Instructions for setting the lock code are included.



If the checkout process charges you more than our shipping cost, we will rebate any excess. If the checkout process under-charges you for shipping, we will invoice for the difference. We have no desire to make a profit on shipping, but also cannot afford to subsidize shipping when we sell goods like this near our cost to produce them.

These cases cannot be exported via WebInterpret/Glopal's subsidized shipping program, but only via direct shipping (UPS, USPS, FedEx).

The shipping carton measures 20x16x8 inches for one, or 20x16x16 for two. The weight is approximately 10 lbs (4.5kg) per case.


Compatibility / Availability

This makes an excellent replacement case for the Apex 460 tube microphone, which ships in a plastic case whose latches often break. The other problem with the Apex 460 suitcase is that it can't be stood up; it has to lay flat.

We have a limited number of these cases available. We do not expect to stock more after these are gone.


Recommended Additions

In addition to the Rycote USM and Gotham GAC-7 tube mic cable, we recommend the VPS1 power supply  and the C12 style grille -- assuming you already have upgraded you mic with the RK-12 capsule and Fox 460 circuit.