Bridge Rectifier Kit

$ 29.00

This kit contains the parts needed to build two high quality 1A bridge rectifiers. We've selected the Telefunken SF4007 for its ultra-fast recovery performance (75ns). We use Kimber brand solid-core, pure copper wire (23 AWG) for the pin connections.

The PCBs are high quality 2-layer FR4 material with ENIG (immersion gold) finish. The PCB has vent holes, and notches between connection pins, to aid with convection cooling. The board layout is intentionally taller than most silicon rectifier designs, to elevate diodes off of the surface of the main circuit board, which also assists with cooling.

The board layout keeps diode lead length short (avg 3mm) to reduce thermal resistance.

The PCB measures 0.7 inches wide by 0.9 inches tall. Lead spacing is 0.15 inches. The pinout, left to right, is DC+, AC1, AC2, DC-, which matches common monolithic bridge rectifiers such as the Rectron RS205L and KBP206G-C.

This kit includes two PCBs, eight diodes, wire, a build guide, and a custom alignment tool to make wire attachment easier.

This rectifier was designed for our Platinum series VPS tube mic power supply. It is compatible with the VPS PSU kit as well.

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