TSB-2555B Electret Capsule

$ 20.00

The TSB-2555B, also sold as the "JLI-2555BXZ3-GP," is one of the most popular electret microphone capsules in the DIY Audio community. It is a medium-diaphragm (21mm) design praised for its high output, clean sound and smooth frequency response.

50% discount for orders of 2 or more 

If you purchase 1 capsule, the cost is $20. If you purchase 2 or more in the same order, the cost is $10 apiece. Use the "Quantity" menu above to select the number of single capsules you wish to purchase. The discount (if applicable) will be reflected in your shopping cart.

These capsules do not include mounts, wires, or screws; if you need those accessories, see this item

Complete DIY Microphone Kit Option

If you would rather purchase a kit that includes the mic body, capsule, capsule mount, and a fantastic circuit kit, see these two options:

S-25 - Transformerless microphone based on a Schoeps circuit

T-25 - Transformer-coupled microphone based on a Neumann circuit

Both of these kits are available in two colors, silver and black. Both have high output and low noise. The S-25 has clean and accurate transient response. The T-25 circuit adds second-harmonic saturation (which is a major component of "tube mic sound"), and does a bit of transient compression -- although neither of these effects are overwhelming, especially on a spoken voice track.

Both mics have an internal pad switch, enabling recording of louder sources without clipping.

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