TSB-2555B Electret Capsule

$ 34.00 $ 39.00

The Transound TSB-2555B is one of the most popular electret microphone capsules in the DIY Audio community. It is a medium-diaphragm (21mm) design praised for its high output, clean sound and smooth frequency response.

We developed a custom mounting system for the capsule, modeled on the post in Neumann's U87. This post is easily installed in common inexpensive FET condenser bodies, including the BM-700 / BM-800, Apex 435, and CAD GXL2400 (all of which would need the ETL-1 circuit kit , which is compatible with this electret capsule). This mounting post raises the capsule as far as possible above the deck, to minimize the effect of reflected audio waves, while still fitting inside the mesh headgrille of the microphone.

Included are two pieces of multistrand silver/Teflon hookup wire, and the screws needed to install the mount in the donor microphone.

This capsule is an ideal match for the DIY "Alice" microphone circuit, or our upgraded version of same, called the ETL1. See also the S-25 microphone kit, which is an all-inclusive DIY microphone kit based on the Schoeps/Alice circuit and the TSB-2555B capsule.

See the photo above for compatibility information regarding the way our mount fits into the donor mic's chassis.

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