TSB-2555B Capsule With Mount

$ 39.00

The Transound TSB-2555B is one of the most popular electret microphone capsules in the DIY Audio community. It is a medium-diaphragm (21mm) design praised for its high output, clean sound and smooth frequency response.

We bundle the capsule with our proprietary mounting post, which we modeled on the mounting post of the Neumann U87 Ai. This post enables the TSB capsule to be easily installed in common inexpensive FET condenser bodies, including the BM-700 / BM-800, Apex 435, and CAD GXL2400. This mounting post raises the capsule as far as possible above the deck, to minimize the effect of reflected audio waves, while still fitting inside the mesh headgrille of the microphone.

Included with the capsule are two pieces of multistrand silver/Teflon hookup wire, and the screws needed to install the mount in the donor microphone.

DIY Microphone Circuit Kits

To complete your DIY microphone using a third-party "donor mic" body, add either of our two compatible DIY circuit kits:

ETL1 - Transformerless design based on Schoeps CMC5

EXF1 - Transformer-coupled design based on Neumann KM84

See those product pages for compatibility information on the circuit kits.

Complete DIY Microphone Kit Option

If you would rather purchase a kit that includes the mic body, capsule, and circuit, and not have to worry about compatibility, see these two options:

S-25 - Transformerless microphone based on Schoeps CMC5 circuit

T-25 - Transformer-coupled microphone based on Neumann KM84 circuit

Both of these kits are available in two colors, silver and black. Both share the same mic body. Both have high output and low noise. The S-25 has clean and accurate transient response. The T-25 has a bit of second-harmonic saturation, and does a bit of transient compression -- although neither of these effects are overwhelming, especially on a spoken voice track.

Both mics have an internal pad switch, enabling recording of louder sources without clipping.

Raw TSB-2555 Capsules

If you plan to fabricate your own mic housing and circuit, you might prefer to purchase capsules without our mounts and wires. Click here for those.

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