Mic Clamp Upgrade for Tube Mic Shockmount

$ 24.00 $ 29.00

This item is an upgraded microphone clamp for one of the two common imported tube mic shockmounts. Rather than relying on awkwardly placed thumscrews to clamp the microphone into place, this piece uses two tension clips that are easier to use and which grip the microphone more securely.

The new clamp includes two new elastic cords.

The clamp and elastic cords are available in two colors, black and silver.

This product is not a complete shockmount. It does not include the outer cage and stand adaptor. It is sold as a retrofit / upgrade for existing spider-style elastic shockmounts from the companies listed below. The clamp fits ~44mm O.D. tube mic bodies.


This clamp should fit shockmounts like the ones in the photos on this page. Such  mounts are included with these microphones:

  • Advanced Audio CM12SE, CM251
  • Avantone CV-12
  • MicParts V-251
  • Peluso P-12

 The clamp fits ~46mm tube mic bodies such as the Apex 460, BadAax T11A, Alctron T11A, TnC ACM-1200, as well as the models listed above.

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