MXL 770 Headbasket Upgrade

$ 34.00

Product Features

  • Installs in 5 minutes
  • Doesn't resonate like many single-layer grilles
  • Sounds more open than the stock 3-layer grille
  • Gives your modded mic a beautiful, professional look
  • A small Cardioid logo marks the front side of the grille.


Design Process

We referenced vintage microphone designs, such as the Neumann M49 and M50, as we worked through multiple iterations of 3D-printed prototypes. Ultimately, we departed from straight historical recreations to give our design a modern twist.


The grille material is made of 2 layers of metal mesh. We used two layers with significantly different gauges, as this helps reduce resonance (which is an issue we've seen with single-layer mesh grilles). The combination of two different meshes also strikes the best balance between plosive/EMI/RFI protection and acoustic transparency. Each headbasket is plated with a satin silver finish.


This headbasket will install easily onto the MXL 770 and 990S, and the Monoprice 600800. It does not fit the MXL 990.

This grille can fit the MXL 992, with minor filing of the alignment tab from the 992's chassis; see notes here.


  1. Unscrew the threaded black nut from the base of the microphone, if it is present.
  2. Unscrew the bottom cap from the mic body.
  3. Slide the body off of the mic chassis. Set the body and end cap aside.
  4. Remove the three machine screws that attach the circuit board to the rest of the microphone. Carefully remove and set aside the plastic or metal standoffs sandwiched between the PCB and the metal plate above.
  5. Slide the mic chassis and capsule assembly out of the headbasket, taking care to not bang the capsule into anything.
  6. Insert the capsule and chassis into the new headbasket, aligning the front diaphragm of the mic with the Cardioid logo on the new headbasket.
  7. Replace the three machine screws and standoffs.
  8. Reverse the earlier steps to finish reassembly.
  9. Admire your microphone's classy new grille!