MicParts Logo Badge

$ 6.00

We expect to make these badges available again in January, 2021.

Embossed, antiqued brass logo badge with 3M self-adhesive backing. These measure approximately 0.5'' on a side.

The badges are pre-formed to fit a cylinder approximately 50mm in diameter. In practice, we've used them on bodies ranging from 42mm to 60mm with good adhesion. (We do not recommend these for 20-22mm pencil mics.)

To install these:

  1. Mark the centerline of your mic body with blue masking tape, pencil, or Sharpie -- whatever you can remove later without harming the finish.
  2. Peel the backing off the badge.
  3. Align the badge carefully on the centerline of the mic body.
  4. Lay the badge gently, then check alignment again. If necessary, reposition the badge before applying pressure.
  5. Once the placement is correct, press the badge into the mic body with your thumbs for 30-60 seconds. The adhesive will fully cure over the next hour.
  6. Then remove the pencil line (with alcohol or an eraser), or Sharpie line (alcohol), or blue tape, taking care not to damage the mic's finish.