GXL1200 SDC Circuit Kit

$ 129.00

This kit is our 2nd-generation transformerless pencil mic circuit kit, specially adapted for the CAD GXL1200.


We have two kits left, with no plan to produce more.


About the Transformerless SDC Mod Kit

We have spent years optimizing transformerless microphone circuits. We've measured and heard hundreds of components. We know what sounds good.

Against surprising odds, we've packed our favorite parts into this tiny microphone.

The new circuit is modeled on a design pioneered by Schoeps -- a circuit that has been used in tens of thousands of microphones, by dozens of manufacturers. It is a well-proven design. When properly built, it delivers very low distortion, high sensitivity, and low self-noise. That's what this circuit kit will give you.


In the box

Each kit includes:

  • Our custom, made-in-the-US two-layer circuit board, designed specifically for DIY with an accessible layout, reasonably sized solder pads, and thermal cutouts. The PCB in this kit is made for the CAD GXL 1200.
  • 100% of components needed to build the circuit
  • Additional parts to create the optional high-frequency shelf EQ, if desired
  • a full-color, step-by-step, 32-page build/installation guide, updated in March 2018
  • tech support (via email)

You provide: solder, tools, and a couple hours' time.



The circuit board is compatible only with the CAD GXL1200.

Skills Required

If you have never built a kit from a PCB before, we recommend getting more soldering experience before you attempt this kit. Although many first-timers have successfully built these kits, our strong preference and recommendation is that you develop your DIY skills on inexpensive "learn to solder" kits first.


Strongly Recommended

Because the stock capsule on this microphone does not sound very good, we recommend replacing it with one of our premium capsules. Click here to learn about our custom SDC mic capsules.

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