34mm capsule mount

$ 18.00

This mounting post with saddle will fit most 34mm dual-backplate capsules. It fits easily into most Studio Projects and early Behringer microphones (made by the 797 Audio factory). It is easily retrofitted into other microphones that have a single central hole drilled in the top plate of the chassis to accommodate a mounting post.

The screw needed to attach this post to the mic chassis is included.

Two M1.6x5mm screws are included for mounting the capsule to the saddle. If they are too long for your capsule, cut off 1-2mm of the threads with a heavy-duty wire cutter or Dremel tool.

The mount stands 7/8 inch (22mm) tall.

This saddle works with all dual-backplate, K67 and CK12-style capsules that we've seen. It is not a great choice for K47 capsules, because the mounting holes are offset toward one side of the saddle. They would force the capsule to sit forward relative to the center of the mount.

This mount is known to work well with the following capsules:

  • 34mm K67 type from AKG Perception 100, 200, 220, 420, 820
  • 34mm K67 type from Studio Projects C1/C3
  • 34mm K67 type from Behringer C1
  • Microphone-Parts.com RK-87
  • Microphone-Parts.com RK-87
  • Microphone-Parts.com RK-67
  • Microphone-Parts.com K67 LE
  • Advanced Audio AK-12