Rode NTK Mods

Rode NTKWe think the Rode NTK microphone is pretty nice. But we've heard modified NTKs that sounded jaw-dropping good.

The modded NTKs that we loved so much had only two changes from stock:

  1. An RK-12 capsule
  2. A NOS Telefunken 6922 tube

Read more, and hear audio samples, at Daniel Rosenholm's site: Modding a Rode NTK.

Note: we don't sell NOS tubes; you'd have to find one online. We do recommend buying from a reputable dealer, as there is no small amount of fraud in the vintage vacuum tube market.

Be sure you're buying a tube that has been tested and certified as low noise, with low microphonics. Many tubes, especially NOS tubes, are not suitable for use in microphones (even if they sound fine in guitar cabinets).