Rode NT2A Mods

Rode NT2-A

The Rode NT1-A and NT2-A made substantial changes to the original Jim Williams circuit designs. Both the new mics utilized surface-mount components, and high capsule polarization voltage. The result is that both microphones had excellent specifications for self-noise.

However, both models are plagued by the "Chinese Microphone Syndrome," namely the use of a peaky and bright capsule with a linear circuit. While both capsule and circuit are excellent by any objective measure, the combination yields a sonic profile that can be hyped and piercing on some sources.

If you find your NT2-A to be too bright for your most common recording applications, we recommend replacing the mic's original capsule with our RK-47.

As of June, 2017, we have begun manufacturing a replacement capsule mount / saddle to facilitate RK-47 installation into the NT2-A.

Click for more information about our NT2A K47 capsule mount.

RK-12 capsule

Alternatively, you could replace the NT2-A capsule with our RK-12. The RK-12 has a smoother top end, fuller lows, and a less-pronounced high-frequency presence peak than the Rode capsule. It will not give you a radical re-voicing, but should be more usable on more sources than the original. It will screw easily onto the Rode saddle.

Click for more information about the RK-12 capsule.