Rode NT1 2013 Edition Mods

Rode NT1

This third-generation Rode NT1 incorporates numerous upgrades, notably the Rycote shockmount for the capsule, and the redesigned capsule backplate to reduce high-frequency presence.

Circuit Mods for the NT1

Due to the use of surface-mount components in the NT1, there are no circuit mods that are feasible for DIY.

Capsule Replacement for the NT1

Although the stock capsule lacks the exaggerated high-frequency profile that earlier editions were known for, we've heard from many customers that the performance of the mic falls short of hopes and expectations.

We do not recommend purchasing this mic with the intent to modify it. But if you already own the mic and are unsatisfied with the sound, we do have two options.

RK-12 capsule

The RK-12 capsule can be easily installed onto the mic's Rycote saddle. In our lab testing, the RK-12 smoothed the mic's high-frequency response considerably -- that is, the RK-12 had a slightly shallower dip in the 1.5-2kHz range, and a flatter, more neutral response from 4k-12kHz.

The stock capsule peaks at +2.1dB @ 9.5kHz. The RK-12 peaks at +1dB. The delta is only about 1dB, but the change is audible.

Coupled with the RK-12's fuller bass response (an extra 1.5dB @ 100Hz), the RK-12 version of the NT1 sounds fuller, fatter, and more balanced.

RK-47 capsule The RK-47 is an alternative option. This capsule is more difficult to install than the RK-12 would be, because its mounting holes do not match those on the stock capsule. You would need to drill or poke one or two holes in the mic's saddle in order to install the RK-47.

The RK-47 will give the microphone a broad, rich midrange boost, with a neutral top end. Subjectively, the mic will sound darker than it did in its stock form. This sonic profile is great on male vocals, piano, strings and percussion.