MXL 990XL Mods

MXL 990XL MicrophoneWe have two modification options for the MXL 990 XL. Are you looking for a simple upgrade, or a full rebuild? We have what you need.

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-47 capsule

If you've never upgraded a mic before, you might wish to start with something very simple. The mic's capsule gives you 90-95% of the sound of the microphone. In the case of most inexpensive condensers, the capsule is a $5-$10 part that, frankly, does not sound very good. Our line of premium replacement capsules will re-voice your mic, giving you a much smoother and more musically useful sound. And it can be replaced by soldering just two wires. For the MXL 990XL, we recommend the RK-47. This capsule makes a wonderful all-purpose microphones, with great detail in the mids, and a neutral to dark top end -- a welcome contrast to most over-bright condensers.

#2: 990B Circuit Replacement Kit

990B PCB kit

Our premier mod kit for the MXL 990 and 990XL replaces the entire circuit board with a high-quality, made-in-the-USA, dual-layer board with our full suite of audio enhancements and a Cardioid/Omni switch -- making your MXL 990XL into a multipattern microphone with exceptionally low noise and high resolution.

990XL PCBThis kit fits the 990XL whose circuit board looks like the one pictured at right.

Click for more information on our MXL 990XL PCB kits.

Another benefit of this circuit replacement is that it enables you to use the RK-12 or RK-87 capsules. Both are more brightly voiced than the RK-47. The RK-12 could be used with the stock 990XL circuit, but might be a bit too bright on some sources. This is a matter of personal preference; some users tell us the RK-12 on a flat-response circuit is the best acoustic guitar mic they've ever heard.

The RK-87 should only be used with high-frequency attenuation in the circuit. The 990B circuit kit provides this; parts and instructions are included.

Needless to say, the RK-47 works well with the new circuit upgrade too.