MXL 990 Circuit Mod Review

This review is for the first-generation version of our transformerless circuit mod. It has since gone through two significant upgrades, and now includes a custom circuit board that makes the build process twice as fun and half as risky. Read more about the 990B PCB kit for MXL 990.


MXL 990 Circuit Mod Review, by Paul McCloud, 2013-04-04

I just wanted to let you know I finished the mod yesterday, and I’m testing it out this evening. I’d already done some mods on it, and was unsure if your advanced upgrade would improve the noise floor. I decided to go ahead and give your Advanced Mod kit a try.

The mic has far exceeded my expectations. I have the RK-47 capsule, and with the new advanced mod, it has become a super-mic! I can crank this puppy up, and it just picks up more sound, and the noise floor is almost non-existent. Not only that, but the bottom end is also deeper than before.

The mod was extremely easy to do, with all the photographs and labels. I usually have problems when doing mods, for various reasons, and this one worked first time. Except that I got the capsule wires crossed, and there was a lot of hum. Once I checked the instructions more carefully, I got it right. Seriously, this mic is unbelievable. I’m going to do my own shootout with some custom mics at a friend’s house. For a total outlay of about $260, including a new 990 mic ($50 from GC), this mic can’t be beat for the price.

Thanks for a great product.

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