MXL 2001 Mods

MXL 2001

The MXL 2001 is one of the company's best-known and most popular models. It combines elements of the Neumann U87 and AKG C414 EB circuits. Yet the result leaves a lot of room for improvement.

We have three modification options for the MXL 2001.

#1: Capsule Replacement


The stock MXL 2001 capsule is an undersized copy of the Neumann K67. We recommend replacing it with our RK-87.

The RK-87 (pictured) is a modernized variation of the Neumann original. It has a more neutral high end than the original K67, which gives the MXL 2001 a less peaky, less fatiguing acoustic profile. We make it with 3-micron Japanese Mylar, which gives the capsule superior transient response due to the low-mass film.

Another option is our RK-12, which has a smoother top end even than the RK-87, and a warmer low frequency response. This capsule will give a very neutral top end on the V67G/2001 platform, due to the circuit's corrective EQ.

If your 2001 uses its existing circuit, we do not recommend changing the capsule to a K47 type, as it will likely sound too dark.

T-84 Microphone circuit kit

#2: Transformer Circuit Replacement

Although the MXL 2001 contains a transformer, it doesn't sound much like a transformer-coupled microphone. That's because the tranny is a low-ratio unit, just 2:1 -- and further because the circuit itself contains solid-state components that do most of the heavy lifting regarding impedance conversion.

If you like the idea of having a vintage-style, transformer-coupled microphone, you'll appreciate our T-84 circuit replacement kit. Its design is based on Neumann's KM84, and it provides as simple and clean an audio path as possible: JFET, capacitor, transformer. The simplicity means it is easy to build and uncluttered in sound.

In practice, it will provide significant sonic upgrades to your microphone: higher sensitivity, lower noise, lower distortion, dramatically superior tone. Thanks to the NOS JFET and custom-wound transformer, it injects a bit of harmonic coloration to your recorded tracks, just as you'd expect from a vintage mic.

We recommend installing the RK-47 or RK-12 capsule with this circuit.

The photo at right shows the new circuit, which uses two high-quality two-layer PCBs manufactured in the US. This kit fits the Apex 420, 430, and most other MXL 2001/V67G types.

Click for more info on the T-84 circuit kit.

MP-V57 PCB kit

#3: Transformerless Circuit Replacement

The stock MXL 2001 circuit is underpowered and prone to distortion. Rather than make a few component changes to fix the worst parts of it, we've developed an entire PCB replacement kit.

The new circuit is transformerless; it's a highly optimized version of the circuit in the famous Schoeps CMC-5 microphone. It gives you a very high-sensitivity, low-noise, low-distortion microphone with a pristine, clean, uncolored sound.

With a replacement capsule, this circuit mod also gives you an internal switch that can be used for pattern control (Cardioid/Omni). Alternatively, configure the switch as a -10dB pad.

The photo at right shows the new circuit, which uses two high-quality two-layer PCBs manufactured in the US. This kit fits the MXL 2001 and numerous other models.

Click for more info on the MP-V57 PCB kit.