Monoprice 600800 Mods

Monoprice 600800

We offer three upgrade options for the Monoprice 600800, from the simple to the complex.

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-47 capsule

Replacing the 600800 capsule is an easy, but sonically significant upgrade. In a transformerless microphone like the 600800, the capsule gives you about 95% of the mic's tone. The RK-47 capsule would transform your 600800 into a wonderful all-purpose microphone, with great detail in the mids, and a neutral top end -- a welcome contrast to most over-bright condensers.

#2: Monoprice 600800 Circuit Upgrade Kit

TL3 circuit replacement kit for Monoprice 600800

Convert this $75 microphone into a giant-killer. Our new "TL3" circuit kit for the 600800 delivers very high sensitivity, low distortion, low noise, and variable (user tune-able) high-frequency EQ/correction.

The kit repurposes the high-pass filter switch as a 3-way pattern switch: Cardioid, Omni, Figure-8. This makes the modified 600800 a fantastic "side" mic in a mid-side stereo setup. Pair it with our RK-87 for the most neutral response, or the RK-12 for big vocal and acoustic guitar sounds, or the RK-47 for a Fet47 sort of sound.

Read more about the TL3 circuit upgrade kit for the Monoprice 600800.

#3: Custom Headbasket

MXL 990 custom headbasket

Our custom, handmade headbaskets for the MXL 770 also fit the Monoprice 600800, and provide both a cosmetic and sonic upgrade. Click for more information on replacement grilles for the Monoprice 600800.