Cascade Fathead Ribbon Mods

Cascade Fat Head Ribbon Microphones

We have created a premium ribbon motor and transformer upgrade for the Cascade Fat Head, Fathead II, and Fathead BE ribbon microphones.

The ribbon motor is a technologically advanced design, superior in its ribbon length and audio path length to the motor found in a popular $1300 ribbon microphone. We manufacture these in the US to exacting tolerances.

The transformer is a toroidal type, also made in the US.

Read more about the FHX Ribbon Microphone Kit.

FAQ: Is the ribbon motor available separately?

We can sell the motor without the transformer. It is not our top recommendation, but if you already have an upgraded transformer in your mic, we can provide our FHX motor as a standalone upgrade.

That said, our motor and transformer were designed as a unit, and work best when both are present. Our transformer is a toroidal type, which tends to convey a better sense of space (especially in stereo applications) than bobbin transformers, including the Cinemag and Lundahl.