CAD GXL3000 Mods


The CAD GXL3000 combines a linear circuit with a 35mm K67 capsule type. The result is a bit peaky and bright, creating sibilance on some vocal sources and fatigue on most sources.

The best modification for this mic is to replace the capsule.


The stock CAD capsule is an interesting 35mm version of the Neumann K67. Although it is not a bad capsule, it is not a very appropriate fit for the linear circuit used in this microphone.

We recommend replacing it with a K47 type, which will give a more neutral top-end response, with rich midrange detail. Our favorite capsule for this mic (assuming the stock circuit is retained) is the RK-47.

Another option is our RK-12. The voicing of this capsule is subtly different than the stock CAD part; it has a smoother top-end response and warmer lows. It excels for female vocals.

RK-12 capsule

The other option is to replace the CAD capsule with our RK-12, which gives the GXL3000 a C414 sound.