Rycote Shockmount

$ 89.00

Rycote shockmounts have been on backorder at the factory for most of 2020. We get them in when we can, but the supply to the US appears to be heavily impacted by COVID. We keep this page updated as the mounts become available.

The Rycote Lyre suspension is superior to everything else we've seen. It offers better attenuation of mechanical vibrations, which means less rumble and noise in your tracks.

Large-diaphragm microphone shockmounts

The USM-L (with red Lyre) is best for lightweight microphones (up to 400g), including our S-87, S-47, S-12, as well as T-12 and T-47 condensers. Max mic diameter: 55mm.

The USM (black Lyre) is best for heavier mics (400-750g), such as our 12-251 and V12 tube mics, and the Studio Projects C1/C3. Max mic diameter: 55mm.

The USM-VB is for microphones whose diameters are 55-68mm, and up to 900g in weight. This is best for the MXL 990, MXL 770, and our S3-87, S3-47, S3-12.

Small-diaphragm microphone shockmounts

The INV-7 HG mk lII is Rycote's premium suspension for pencil microphones. It fits small microphones with diameter 19–34mm -- which includes just about every pencil mic we own. It is definitely compatible with all MXL SDCs (991, 603S, 604, 551, V67N), the AKG C460B, the Joemeek JM27, the CAD GXL1200.

If you don't know the outside diameter of your pencil mic, and are wondering whether this will fit, check the RecordingHacks Mic Database, which tends to archive specifications like this.

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