CM1800 Microphone Mod Kit

$ 149.00 $ 169.00

We recently discovered a new, super-low-cost donor mic option: the Stellar Labs CM1800 -- as of this writing, $32 via Newark.

We can't recommend the mic  for recording in its stock form, but it makes a decent "donor mic body" thanks to its robust construction.

About the Mod Kit

This DIY kit replaces the mic's entire signal path. The new capsule is larger and sounds better. The new circuit has higher sensitivity and lower noise. The modified mic provides better bass response, a more open top end, better upper midrange detail.

We use premium passive components that are widely recognized for their sound quality: Vishay-Dale resistors, Panasonic electrolytics, Wima polypropylene film capacitors, NOS transistors, etc. The circuit board is a premium 2-layer design. We individually select the JFET for low noise, and "bias" it to minimize distortion within this circuit.

We include US-made, Teflon insulated silver plated copper wire to connect the new circuit to the XLR jack.

The only pieces of the CM1800 that are retained after this mod are the grille, mic body/chassis, and XLR insert.


The modified CM1800 works beautifully on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, woodwinds and strings.

It sounds great on drum overheads, because it captures a controlled high end, reducing cymbal wash and harshness.

We do not recommend this mic on snare, kick drum, or toms; although it probably will not clip internally, it will probably clip your preamp, due to its high output level.

What's in the box?

The CM1800 mod kit is a DIY electronics project; you must solder components and wires to a PCB. If you lack the interest, skills, or tools to modify your own CM1800, we can upgrade your microphone for you -- contact us here.

The kit contains:

  • Custom PCB
  • All the components needed to populate the PCB
  • Selected medium-diaphragm microphone capsule
  • Custom capsule mount
  • Replacement deck plate, custom made for CM1800
  • Upgraded wires for internal XLR connection
  • Vintage brass MP logo badge
  • Detailed step-by-step mic build instructions

NOT included:

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