Mic Mods

We sell microphone modification and upgrade kits for most popular condenser microphones: new capsules, circuit upgrade kits, and full drop-in replacement PCB kits.

The directory below links to model-specific recommendations. Some of these microphones have multiple mod options available. Some have only one. Some have none, but are included here because we're often asked about them. Click through the various models to find the options available, and our specific recommendations for upgrading each microphone.

Apex Mic Mods

Apex 435

Apex 435 Mods

Apex 460

Apex 460 Mods

Apex 480

Apex 480 Mods

BadAax Mic Mods

BadAax T11-A

BadAax T11-A

CAD Mic Mods


CAD GXL2200 Mods


CAD GXL2400 Mods


CAD GXL3000 Mods

Carvin Mic Mods


Carvin CTM100

Cascade Mic Mods

Cascade Fat Head

Cascade Fat Head Mods

Cascade Fathead II

Cascade Fathead II Mods

Cascade Fathead BE

Cascade Fathead BE Mods

Gauge Mic Mods

Gauge ECM-87 Stealth

Gauge ECM-87 Mods

Golden Age Mic Mods


Golden Age FC3 Mods

MCA Mic Mods


MCA SP1 Mods

Monoprice Mic Mods

Monoprice 600800

Monoprice 600800 Mods

MXL Mic Mods

MXL 2001 Mod Kits

MXL 2001 Mods

MXL 2006

MXL 2006 Mods

MXL 603S Mods

MXL 770

MXL 770 Mods

MXL 910

MXL 910 Mods

MXL 990

MXL 990 Mods

MXL 990S Mods

MXL 991

MXL 991 Mods

MXL V250

MXL V250 Mods


MXL V63M Mods

MXL V67 Mod Kits

MXL V67/V67G Mods


MXL V69ME Mods

Nady Mic Mods

Nady SCM 800

Nady SCM-800 Mods

Rode Mic Mods

Rode NT1

Rode NT1 Mods

Rode NT1-A

Rode NT1-A Mods

Rode NT2

Rode NT2 Mods

Rode NT2-A

Rode NT2-A Mods

Rode NTK

Rode NTK Mods

t.bone Mic Mods


t.bone SC400 Mods

Studio Projects Mic Mods

Studio Projects B1

Studio Projects B1 Mods

Studio Projects B3

Studio Projects B3 Mods

Studio Projects C1

Studio Proj / 797 Audio C1 Mods

Studio Projects C1

Studio Projects C1 Mods

Studio Projects C3

Studio Proj / 797 Audio C3 Mods

Studio Projects C3

Studio Projects C3 Mods

Studio Projects LSD2

Studio Projects LSD2 Mods