S47 Cardioid Microphone Kit

$ 349.00

Introducing the S-47 Cardioid Microphone Kit

The "S-47 Cardioid" microphone kit is a special edition, limited-time version of the best-selling S-47 microphone kit.

It shares the same fantastic capsule and acclaimed transformerless circuit design.

What's different?

  • The metalwork in this kit is more robust; the body cylinder is heavy brass. The finished S-47 Cardioid weighs more than the finished S-47.
  • This mic body is smaller (170mm vs 184mm).
  • This mic body has no "micparts" logo on it.
  • This kit includes the Cardioid-only RK-47C capsule. Therefore the switch inside the mic (part of the circuit kit) cannot be configured for Cardioid/Omni, but rather can be configured as a 10dB pad (which is arguably a much more useful option for this microphone anyway, given the mic's high output level).
  • The RK-47C capsule has a slightly darker, more vintage tone than the multipattern RK-47 capsule. Therefore this mic has a slightly darker, more vintage tone than the S-47 does.
  • This kit is available only in black. No custom colors are available.
  • This kit includes a swivel mount.


We have a few dozen of these available for immediate shipment.


The S-47 Cardioid microphone kit includes:

  • Heavy brass mic body, black painted finish, no logo.
  • Satin silver cylindrical grille.
  • Swivel mount (not pictured).
  • Vinyl pouch (not pictured).
  • Swivel mount.
  • RK-47C (cardioid only) microphone capsule.
  • MP-V57 transformerless circuit kit.

Optional Accessory

This mic deserves a world-class shockmount. We recommend the Rycote USM-L.


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