S47 Cardioid Microphone Kit

$ 359.00

Introducing the S-47 Cardioid Microphone Kit

The S-47 Cardioid is a large-diaphragm, transformerless microphone with a K47 capsule and our acclaimed Schoeps-style circuit. It is similar to the S-47, but voiced a bit darker and packaged into a slightly smaller, very sleek body.

Inside the mic is a switch that engages a 10dB pad.


The S-47 Cardioid microphone kit includes:

  • Heavy brass mic body, black painted finish, vintage logo badge.
  • Satin silver cylindrical grille.
  • Swivel mount (not pictured).
  • Vinyl pouch (not pictured).
  • RK-47C (cardioid only) microphone capsule.
  • MP-V57 transformerless circuit kit.

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