_RK7 Microphone Capsule

$ 399.00

The original RK7 capsule has been discontinued and will never be sold again.

We hope to introduce the RK7 LE, which will be an American-made RK7-style capsule, in the summer of 2017.


The RK7 is our "vintage" sounding K47-style capsule. Whereas the RK-47 gives a "modern" sound, with a neutral top end, the RK7 rolls off the highs to evoke the sound of older recordings. Both the RK-47 and RK7 are large-diaphragm, dual-sided, true condenser capsules, built to precision standards with rigorous multi-step quality control. Both share the backplate drilling pattern made famous by Neumann's K47 capsule. Both mate beautifully to flat-response microphone circuits, and give subtly different variations on the K47 sound.

RK7 Improved!

Beginning in April, 2014, the RK7 has been improved with US-made, military-spec silver plated oxygen-free copper wire, with Teflon insulation. We've also improved the saddle.

RK7 vs RK-47

The RK7 produces a subtly different frequency response than the RK-47. The differences result from the physical size of the capsule, which at 32mm is 2mm smaller than the RK-47, and the membrane material, which at 6 microns is twice as thick as the RK-47 diaphragms. Due to the more robust membrane, the RK7 can use a slightly higher polarization voltage of 75-80V. Due to its smaller physical size, the RK7 can be an easier drop-in replacement for microphones whose proprietary capsule mounting systems will only accommodate a 32mm capsule. The RK7 has more proximity effect than the RK-47, and is flatter in the upper mids, and softer on top. It can excel as a vocal/voiceover mic, especially when sibilance is a problem. It is great on bass and brass instruments, and any thin/bright source that benefits from the thickening effects of proximity.

Cardioid or Multi-Pattern?

The RK7 is a dual-diaphragm capsule, suitable for use in Cardioid or multipattern microphones. One benefit of buying the dual-diaphragm capsule even for Cardioid mics is that if the front diaphragm ever becomes contaminated, you can rotate it back-to-front and get your mic back in service quickly. Alternatively, wire the rear diaphragm together with the front, making your Cardioid microphone into an Omnidirectional.

In the box

The RK7 includes a domed mounting pedestal and all necessary screws for installation.

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