Mid-Side Microphone Kit

$ 749.00 $ 798.00

The Mid-Side Microphone Kit consists of two DIY microphone kits:

The neutral voicing, high output, and low noise of these microphones ensures a wide variety of applications in your studio: piano, ensembles, strings, guitars, percussion, even Foley.

The S87 Cardioid is a fixed Cardioid microphone (as its name implies). The S3-87 is a 3-pattern microphone. Switch it to Figure-8 and rotate it so that the capsule is facing perpendicular to the capsule of the Cardioid mic, to record two channels for Mid-Side stereo.

Click the links above for more information on the individual microphones within this bundle.

The capsules in these microphone pairs are not hand-matched. Any two RK-87 would be within 2-3dB due to our exacting quality controls. Further, Mid-Side applications do not require strictly matched capsules.

Add a Rycote USM-L shockmount for the S87-Cardioid, here. (The S3 includes an elastic shockmount.)

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