Chrome Grille 44mm

$ 28.00 $ 36.00

These chrome grilles fit many 44mm OD condenser mic bodies, including:

This grille is tapped and threaded for M2 Metric machine screws. If your donor mic uses smaller screws (e.g. M1.6 Metric), then you will need to source or supply two M2 screws to install this grille.

The second photo shows how this grille looks on a black mic body. The black mic body is not included with the grille.

*For use with common Chinese-made tube microphones, you might need to replace the capsule mounting post with a shorter one, or the grille might contact the capsule, causing a short-circuit that will prevent the mic from operating. 

Note - the chrome on these is not perfect. Perfect chrome costs $100 per grille.