B-stock 60mm Grilles for MXL 990

$ 24.00

These grilles fit the MXL 990. They are made of 2-layer brass mesh, of our own original design (but based on the Neumann M49/M50).

These parts did not pass our QC inspection. They exhibit one or more of the following cosmetic flaws:

  • The mesh is tilted.
  • The entire assembly leans slightly to one side.
  • The mounting holes are drilled slightly off-center, so that the grille "faces" very slightly left or right of center.
  • The Cardioid symbol is missing from the front of the grille.

We're selling these below our cost. They're sold as-is; we will not accept returns on these.


If you order multiple grilles, you will likely be overcharged for shipping. We would rebate any excess shipping charges.