AudioQuest IEC Power Cords

$ 99.95

We offer AudioQuest's acclaimed NRG-series power cables in multiple styles.

The NRG-X3 is a stranded cable made of high-conductivity oxygen-free copper (OFC / OFHC). AudioQuest's "semi-solid concentric packed conductors" topology conveys many of the benefits of solid-core cable (namely, reduced distortion) while retaining the flexibility and cost economy of a stranded cable.

The NRG-4 uses multiple solid conductors with AudioQuest's "Perfect Surface" treatment. This geometry eliminates strand distortions. Conductors are insulated via proprietary RFI-damping materials ("Carbon loaded polyethylene").

Both cables have a female IEC connector on one end, and a US-standard 3-pole male (NEMA 5-15) plug at the other end. This configuration is suitable for most home theater devices, mic preamps, converters, and tube mic power supplies. Please check compatibility with your hardware before ordering.

Both cables have a length of 6ft (1.8m).

Customers who wish to have these cables pre-conditioned can request it; we would put the cable(s) onto our proprietary "cable cooker." The device runs a high current square wave oscillation through the cable to force dielectric conditioning.