44mm Shockmount

$ 15.00 $ 30.00

This elastic shockmount fits microphones measuring 44-47mm in diameter.

It is known to be compatible with:

It is a very tight fit on the following 47mm mic bodies -- that is, it fits, but barely:

It does not fit any MicParts kits not listed above. Specifically, this mount does not fit the S-87, S-47, S-12, T-47, T-12, or the S3 series.

This mount is not recommended for the 12-251 or V-251 tube mics due to the weight of those microphones.

These shockmounts have a 5/8'' female thread, appropriate for typical mic stands in the US. The 3/8'' thread adapter for European microphone stands is not included.

The actual mount differs slightly from the photo here. The foam rubber lining within the spring clamp is thinner than pictured.

Due to the closeout pricing, these shockmounts carry only a 14-day warranty.

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