$ 399.00

The RK7 LE is a premium K47 style large-diaphragm microphone capsule.

These capsules are painstakingly built and tuned in the US. Each one includes a domed pedestal mount, wires, and screws for installation.


The single backplate is solid brass. We import these, then re-machine the holes and surfaces to meet our standards. The clamping rings are also solid brass, which we import in bulk and re-machine. Our wires is US-milspec silver/teflon. Diaphragm film is 6-micron Dupont Mylar, imported from Japan.


The RK7 LE is intentionally voiced with a neutral upper mid and darker top end (10kHz) than our RK-47. It also has a slightly reduced sub bass, which reduces proximity effect for vocal and voice applications.


This is a 32mm OD capsule. It more easily fits into some donor microphones than does the 34mm OD RK-47. Notably among these are the Groove Tubes and Sterling Audio microphones such as the GT-55, ST-55, and ST-51.

Multipattern Compatible

The RK7 LE is a dual-diaphragm capsule. It works well in Cardioid-only microphones as well as in multipattern microphones.


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