TLMX-49 Microphone Kit

$ 374.00

The TLMx kit has been discontinued. We will replace it in December with a 3-pattern all-inclusive kit based on our new TL3 circuit.

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This kit enables you to build our version of the Neumann TLM49. It is a transformerless large-diaphragm condenser with a true 34mm solid brass K47-style capsule.

The kit includes everything you need:

  • Donor mic and chassis (MXL 990)
  • Custom transformerless circuit kit
  • K47-style large-diaphragm capsule
  • M49-style tapered grille
  • Shockmount and swivel mount

Building this kit requires prior DIY electronics experience, and a few hours' time. The circuit contains approximately 40 components, including 12 polarized parts that must be oriented properly for the mic to function.

About the Circuit

We use our popular circuit kit for the MXL 990 in this build. It is a premium transformerless circuit, implemented with audiophile-grade parts.

About the Capsule

The RK-47 is our recreation of the famous K47 capsule. We use solid brass clamping rings and backplate, with ultra-thin 3-micron diaphragms.

In the Box

You will receive a new MXL 990 donor mic, complete with swivel mount, shockmount, and rigid plastic storage case; an RK-47 capsule with mounting saddle; our M49/M50 grille; and the 990B/TLMX49 circuit kit.

You can optionally choose to upgrade the mic to use our black powdercoated body. Powdercoating is a durable, baked-on finish. We use one with a slight texture, because it does not show fingerprints.

Mic Comparison

Neumann TLM 49 TLMX 49 Kit
Sensitivity: 13mV/Pa 30mV/Pa
Self-Noise: 12dBA 10-12dBA
Pattern: Cardioid Cardioid/Omni
Capsule: 34mm K47 34mm RK-47
Dimensions: ∅ 78mm x 165mm ∅ 60mm x 130mm
Cost: $1998 $349-$374


Can't Build It?

We can sell you a built and tested TLMX-49 microphone; we call it the MP-47. Click here for pricing and availability.

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