K67 LE Microphone Capsule

$ 399.00

The K67LE is an all-brass capsule modeled after the Neumann K67.

Only three of these capsules remain available. Originally made in a historical capsule foundry in Europe, we've remachined the backplates on these three and installed our own Dupont Mylar diaphragms. These capsules have been built for the most discriminating ears, and will stand up to the best K67s in the world.


Capsule diameter: 34 mm
Diaphragm diameter: 27.5 mm
Capsule depth: 10.8 mm
Membrane composition: 6-micron Mylar, sputtered with Gold

In the Box

Each K67LE includes a high-quality domed pedestal mount with our "supersaddle" for secure attachment. All necessary screws to install the capsule and mount are included, as is the backplate termination wire.

K67 LE Audio Samples

vs Neumann U87 Ai

Hear the K67LE in our MP-V57 transformerless circuit, against a new Neumann U87 Ai. This is a simple voice recording, made at a working distance of about 10 inches.

vs RK-47

Hear the K67LE against the RK-47 in our 990B circuit: 990B with RK-47.

The "V57" mic hosting the K67LE in these samples incorporates corrective EQ to flatten out the natural high-frequency lift of the capsule. The purpose of these samples is not to suggest that either pair of mics sounds identical, for they do not. Rather, the purpose of the samples is to demonstrate the relative quality and subtle color variations of these parts.

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