MXL V63M Upgrades

MXL V63MThe MXL V63M is essentially an upgraded version of the company’s bargain champion, the MCA SP-1. While the SP-1 uses a very thin, lightweight body sleeve, the V63M is enclosed in a heavy brass cylinder. And while the SP-1 uses a 17mm small-diaphragm capsule, the V63M uses MXL’s 32mm large-diaphragm K67 capsule.

But the mic is pretty severely compromised, so we’ve come up with four modification options for it. Some are compatible with only certain versions of the mic. This page will show you how to figure out which options are available for your mic.

#1: MP-V57 Multipattern PCB Kit

MP-V57 PCB upgrade for MXL Condenser MicsOur best upgrade for all versions of the MXL V63M is the MP-V57 PCB kit, which gives you a perfectly optimized, high sensitivity, low-noise circuit with a Cardioid/Omni switch. It incorporates the famous Jim Williams circuit mod, a pre-biased JFET (to minimize distortion), and additional improvements.

This PCB kit fits the V63M and numerous similar FET condensers. Click for more info on the MP-V57 PCB kit.

#2: The Jim Williams “Advanced” Mod

mxl-2006-300pxIf your MXL V63M has two PCBs as pictured here, it can be upgraded with our Advanced Mod Kit. This DIY circuit upgrade replaces most of the components in the mic’s audio circuit (about 23 parts in all), including a handpicked and pre-biased JFET and a pair of high-end output transistors that are no longer made. The result is a high-performance microphone with significantly lower distortion, lower self-noise, much wider frequency response, and better transient response than before. Click for more information on our Advanced Mod Kit.

#3: The SMT Mini-Mod

smt-1genIf your V63M is from MXL’s first generation of surface-mount mics (made in 2013, between February and October), and the rear side of its single circuit board looks exactly like the one pictured at right, then you could install our very affordable SMT Mini-Mod kit. This gives you Jim Williams’ high-impedance front end circuit upgrade, which reduces distortion, and a pre-biased high-dynamic-range JFET selected to optimize the existing surface-mount circuit.

We introduced this kit as a low-cost way to squeeze as much performance as possible out of these surface-mount mics. Read more about the SMT Mini-Mod.

#4: Capsule Replacement

RK4798% of the tone of a microphone comes from its capsule. The MXL V63M is compromised in this respect; the MXL 32mm K67 capsules vary widely in tolerances and quality. Maybe yours sounds great, but chances are it doesn’t stand up to professional gear. Also, the mic’s linear circuit does not give your capsule the corrective EQ that it needs to sound good.

Our line of premium replacement capsules will re-voice your mic, giving you a much smoother and more musically useful sound. Replacing the stock capsule with one of our large-diaphragm capsules will lower the mic’s self-noise too. And it can be replaced by soldering just two wires.

For the MXL V63M, we recommend the RK-47 or RK7. Both make wonderful all-purpose microphones, with great detail in the mids, and a neutral to dark top end — a welcome contrast to most over-bright condensers.